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WordPress Developer NH Plugins Recommended by V12 Marketing IT Support Solutions Aug.29.2022

5 Tips For Getting Your Website Back Up After A Crash

A website crash is something no business owner wants to deal with, but it happens more often than you might think, whether due to a technical error or just overuse. Before panicking, there are some steps you can take right away to ensure your site comes back up quickly and doesn’t suffer any long-term damage. […]

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V12 Marketing Agency Concord NH Local SEO Aug.26.2022

4 Reasons Why Photography Is Important in Marketing

As more consumers turn to online resources to learn about products and services, businesses are looking for more innovative ways to market themselves effectively. That’s where photography can be of huge benefit. Regardless of whether you run an e-commerce website or a local business, showcasing your products or services with beautiful imagery can be an […]

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V12 Marketing Agency - Direct Mailer Marketing Tips

Is Direct Mailer Marketing Still Effective?

It may seem outdated, but direct mailer marketing isn’t dead just yet! In fact, it can still be an effective tool if you use it correctly. Here are some tips to help make sure your direct mailer marketing generates the best results! A Brief History Of This Technique 📚 Direct mail marketing has been around […]

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V12 Marketing - Social Media Marketing Local SEO Aug.24.2022

Is TikTok Right for Your Business? 4 Questions to Ask Yourself

TikTok, the latest social media platform to hit the internet by storm, has been taking the world by storm, leaving users with one big question: Is TikTok right for my business? TikTok is similar to an older popular app, Vine, in that it allows users to create short videos (up to 15 seconds long) and […]

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V12 Marketing - Ecommerce Local SEO Aug.17.2022

5 Marketing Strategies to Boost Your E-commerce Sales

The number of online shoppers continues to rise each year, and if you want to keep up with the competition, you’ll need an effective marketing strategy to reach them. Not sure where to start? In this article, we’ll look at five different marketing strategies that can help you boost your e-commerce sales and get more […]

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V12 Marketing Concord NH Social Media Marketing Agency Local SEO Jul.17.2022

5 Tips For Increasing Your Social Media Engagement In 2022

What strategies can I use to make my social media marketing more successful? If you’re wondering about these questions, here are five tips that might help you figure out how to increase your social media engagement in 2022.   Create a Marketing Schedule That Works For you 📆 Decide how often you want to post […]

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V12 Marketing - Digital Marketing Local SEO Jul.08.2022

Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid In 2022

Digital marketing continues to evolve, and it’s becoming more important than ever to stay on top of the latest trends and industry changes in order to stay competitive. In 2022, these digital marketing mistakes will be easy to avoid if you keep up with the trends and new technologies on the horizon, as well as […]

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V12 Marketing Agency - Direct Mailer Local SEO Jul.07.2022

Are Billboard Advertisements Still Effective?

Billboard advertisements have been used since the late 19th century, but their effectiveness has always been questioned. In recent years, however, they’ve become less and less effective, as many studies report that consumers are ignoring them in favor of other marketing techniques and media outlets. Do billboards still work? Or are they now obsolete? Here […]

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V12 Marketing Local SEO Jul.05.2022

Why Your Business Should Be Blogging for Marketing and SEO

You’ve likely heard a lot about the importance of blogging in recent years, but many small business owners still have doubts and concerns about whether it’s right for them or not. Is blogging really necessary? Will it really help my business? How can I even start blogging? If you’re interested in learning more about how […]

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