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Our team is goal-oriented. Experience has told us that setting attainable goals, taking calculated risks, and providing transparent communication, yield some of the best results. Learn more about our philosophy, and how we can help your business grow.

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Our flexible and nimble organizational structure allows us to provide excellent service around the clock. We can adapt and use any tools necessary, and are not afraid to get our hands dirty.

Boldly going where no one has gone before.

Maybe you're already running planned marketing campaigns with an in-house team. Or maybe you're a startup with a tight budget and big ideas. Our team can help strategy and recommend best practices, budget, and target the right audiences at the right time. We have experience both in-house and agency-life, so we know many of the problems and bottlenecks businesses face.

Meet Our Team

V12 Marketing Team

Michael V.

CEO, Marketing Consultant

V12 Marketing Team

Sergio G.

Photo & Video Director

V12 Marketing Team

Ethan S.

Advertising Manager

V12 Marketing Team

Ben R.

Strategic Data Analyst

V12 Marketing Team

Alaina F.

Social Media Manager

V12 Marketing Team

Paul M.

Content Writer

V12 Marketing Team

Jake S.

Graphics & Video Specialist

Rachel R.


V12 Marketing Team

Steve M.

Lead Developer

V12 Marketing Team

Brian D.

Web Developer

Kingsley A.

Web Developer

Alex B.

Sales Consultant

Mike L.

Sales Consultant

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