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Like any industry, Digital Marketing and Web Development have many best practices. We make it our mission to cut through the noise.

Without a plan, we are reacting to events. In marketing and beyond, this can result in inconsistent efforts, and therefore spending, and bottom-line results. Planning in advance gives a higher degree of influence on project success, and better future iterations.

Yes, V12 Marketing offers both the option to buy your domain for you, as well as on-site integration with GoDaddy to shop for your own domain.

Yes and no. It varies per industry, budget, and priority. But, we do recommend a holistic approach, and especially if customers are already present on other channels.

Yes. We are happy to work with other partners and agencies you may have to get the job done.

Yes, and especially with a channel like email marketing – there are a lot of potential areas for optimization. This is also true for any other channel, we can manage, assist, or advise on their management.

Right now, our services are billed on either Flat-Rates or Hourly-Rates, depending on the task/project. A website, for example, will be a flat-rate project with an estimated total cost. With consulting, an hourly rate is applied.

We offer a few options for ongoing support customers. Clients with an ongoing monthly V12 Marketing account, have access to Slack, where they can ask questions and get project reporting and updates. And we usually recommend ongoing phone calls to provide project updates. Lastly, we also offer phone and email support to our clients.

Yes, we offer PPC Management services, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Amazon Ads, and more. We can take on existing campaigns, or create new ones. For those with existing campaigns, we usually recommend a deep dive of existing accounts to determine available optimization opportunities to get started.

You can view Our Process, as well as About Us — you’re also welcome to contact us and setup a phone call if you have questions about your project.

Yes. You can contact us to request a free consultation and mention a custom 45-Day V12 Marketing Trial Project from the FAQ page. After evaluating your project, we can provide a reduced-rate to get started on building relations and momentum for future project iterations.

We’re awesome! Okay, but seriously. We take care of our clients. We are on their team and committed to their success. We listen and lead, and work with you to bring out the best in your business. And we’re upfront and honest, and always work to stay transparent and effective when handling client accounts.

With digital marketing and web development, there are a lot of different tools that can be used depending on the project. We put together this list of project related tools and resources we use to get the job done. For example, you may use Hubspot as a CRM and Google Ads to deliver paid traffic, but another project may opt for MailChimp and Facebook Ads. And, we’re always adding more!

Depending on the platform, we can manage the logins/accounts, or you can do so. Some accounts, like Facebook, have an agency manager feature, allowing page admins to invite users and agencies to the account, while retaining ownership. Others, like Twitter and Pinterest, only have one login. In this case, we can share it, and store it securely for you.

You can get an automated free website report by contacting us here. We will provide you with an in-depth report on SEO, Web Appearance, Malware check, and more. We also provide coupons on Google Ads, GoDaddy, branded product promotions, and many others that we find for our customers on a routine basis. You can sign up for our newsletter here to stay informed of ongoing deals.

Yes, we can assist with maintaining and updating an existing website, even if our team didn’t build it. Whether it’s on WordPress, SquareSpace, Magento, WebFlow, or something else, we can help.

Yes we do! And we can help you set one up as well.

Yes, usually. If you have a website down, or another issue that needs immediate attention, you can contact us, or request support.

Contact us! We’re happy to answer any other questions you may have.

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