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V12 Marketing Customer Reviews Local SEO Jun.21.2022

The Importance of Customer Reviews for SMBs

Small businesses have many unique challenges to overcome that larger companies don’t face. The biggest one? A lack of visibility makes it harder to attract new customers and gain repeat business from existing ones. Customer reviews are a great way to help mitigate this problem. Here are some great considerations when it comes to customer […]

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V12 Marketing Concord NH PPC Tips Google Ads Jun.14.2022

5 Reasons To Run Google Ads In 2022

With over 90% of all online search traffic going to Google, it’s important that your business has a presence on the web. What’s even more important is that the right people are seeing your business online, and with Google Ads, you can get in front of those people in just a few clicks, while minimizing […]

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V12Marketing NH Agency COVID19 Tips MARKETING May.31.2022

5 Tips For Effective Project Management

Managing a project can be very rewarding, but it can also be a lot of work, especially if you have to manage many projects at once. Staying organized and prioritizing your tasks will help you keep things under control and make sure that your projects are successful, even if there are setbacks along the way. […]

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V12 Marketing Agency Concord NH MARKETING May.16.2022

5 Inexpensive (But Effective) Ways to Boost Your Local Marketing

For small business owners, local marketing can be an effective way to promote your products and services, build your brand, and create valuable relationships with potential customers in your community. However, many businesses neglect this area of marketing because they think it’s too expensive or time-consuming—or both! Luckily, there are plenty of ways to boost […]

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V12 Marketing Customer Reviews MARKETING

E-Commerce Sales Strategies For Your Business

E-Commerce websites are ubiquitous on the web these days, here are some helpful tips to improve your businesses performance and outreach: Original Content Marketing Having original content on your website can help generate more engagement, which ultimately leads to more conversations on your website. Good content marketing ensures that your potential customers are getting the […]

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V12Marketing NH Agency COVID19 Tips MARKETING May.02.2022

Get Your Free SEO Report

Your website’s SEO should be an important factor in any long-term growth strategy. Learn how SEO directly impacts the bottom line, and get a free SEO report from our team to enhance search engine performance! 1. Search Engine listing Performance The most viewed search engine globally is With roughly 92% market share they are […]

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WordPress Developer NH Plugins Recommended by V12 Marketing MARKETING Apr.26.2022

6 Design Trends For Your Company’s Website

In the digital age, having an online presence has a significant importance when it comes to your business’s success. Here are 5 design trends we are seeing in 2022!   The Minimalism Approach   When designing your website, It’s important to consider user experience and navigation. Is your website easy to read? Does it have […]

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V12 Marketing Customer Reviews MARKETING Apr.11.2022

The Importance Good Of Logo Design

A logo is often the first thing a potential customer sees when searching for a product or service. Here are some insights on why good logo design is so important.   First Impressions One of the first things we see when pursuing a product or service from a company is its logo. This means that […]

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V12 Marketing August 2021 IT Support Solutions Mar.15.2022

7 Products To Boost Your WFH Productivity

  There has been a huge shift in the way we work in our professional lives, and working from home is one of those transitions a lot of us have made within the last couple of years. For those of us that have been working from home, it’s natural that we have updated our setups […]

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