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V12 Marketing Concord NH Social Media Marketing Agency MARKETING Feb.08.2022

3 Social Media Graphics To Templatize & Why It’s Important

Social media marketing is like exercising, daily reps produce visible results.  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms pick up on frequently engaged profiles. But, keeping up with a social media account can be a full-time job. Creating templates can help you minimize the efforts needed to keep the conversation going and produce quality […]

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V12 Marketing Customer Reviews Local SEO Jan.13.2022

How can businesses get more reviews from their customers?

There are a few ways SMBs can acquire reviews from their customers. But, it does help to get the platforms to collect reviews in the first place. Getting reviews is a great way to show potential customers the great experience you’ve provided for existing customers. It can also help enhance the relationship with those existing […]

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V12 Marketing - Digital Marketing Local SEO Jan.03.2022

4 Tips To Keep The Spark In Your Blog For 2022

With a new year upon us, it’s important to reevaluate. This is the first suggestion we’d make. Ask yourself what went well and what was wasted time and effort. This isn’t a moment to criticize yourself. Remember mistakes are only mistakes if you make them twice. Is this still your passion? This may be a […]

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DESIGN Dec.31.2021

3 Designers To Be Influenced By For Your Brand

3 Designers to be influenced by, for your brand. Everyone needs some inspiration when trying to get into the creative spirit. When we think about marketing a business, we can use this same approach for brand identity and creative direction. Design plays an important role in how the consumer interfaces with your company, and the […]

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Press Releases Dec.22.2021

V12 Marketing By Offering Robust Digital Services Gets Established As A Top Company At GoodFirms

V12 Marketing is a marketing agency that can help clients manage all their digital and traditional marketing channels. The company believes that open and transparent communication is the most crucial element in any professional relationship. Therefore, before beginning a new project, they first ask clients questions and perform their due diligence. They make sure you […]

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V12 Marketing Concord NH Social Media Marketing Agency Social Media Marketing Dec.03.2021

3 Easy To Adopt Strategies For Social Media in 2022

As we look forward into 2022, social media marketing is still an important element of any digital marketing strategy. When done consistently and effectively, social media marketing can enhance your outreach and create engagement on a brand’s social profiles and website. However, when managed poorly, social media can create an unstable image and drive the […]

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V12 Marketing Concord NH PPC Tips Google Ads Oct.20.2021

3 Google Ads Reports To Review For Optimal Campaign Performance

Google Ads are a great source of website traffic. But getting the best results from a Google ads campaign requires ongoing optimization. And properly optimizing campaigns relies on leveraging multiple reports in Google Ads. Three major players in our PPC optimization process are: search query reports, ad performance reports, and demographics reports. These reports show […]

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V12 Marketing Concord NH Instagram Tips 2021 Marketing Agency NH Sep.21.2021

4 Easy Ways To Grow Your Instagram In 2021

Instagram, the photo-based app, is now an app where users can create videos and shop. But, the Facebook-owned app is often changing its algorithm. One day your profile is doing fabulous, reaching tons of new users and getting engagement, and the next visibility seems to be gone. Keeping up with changes to make sure your […]

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V12 Marketing August 2021 V12 Marketing Updates Aug.12.2021

August 2021 Updates at V12 Marketing

It’s been a busy year for the team at V12 Marketing! Somehow, we’re already in August. But, we are excited to share some new developments over here. Check out the updates below to learn more. New Team Members 🙋‍♂️ Austin Wheeler, Account Executive: Austin is V12 Marketing’s newest Account Executive. Austin helps us find new […]

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