Diving Deeper into RavenTools SEO Research

RavenTools SEO Tips Marketing Strategy at V12 Marketing

What’s your SEO reporting strategy?

RavenTools is an excellent platform to monitor many web and marketing KPI’s.

From ongoing SEO research to competitor-tracking, RavenTools has a powerful suite of data-tracking features.

While many of our clients opt for an account though V12 Marketing (and at a rate otherwise unavailable) – we find that they are often unaware of all of its features, and there are quite a few. For example, the Site Auditor tool, allows a website owner to automate SEO crawls on their site on an ongoing basis. These reports can be automated to run can be quarterly, monthly, or weekly.

Using RavenTools Site Auditor at V12 Marketing
Using RavenTools Site Auditor at V12 Marketing

SEO and Campaigns reports can then be sent automatically to any email (or Slack if that’s your thing) – and acted upon. Identifying items such as dead pages or 404’s, or new referral traffic, early on can be a great way to capitalize and improve SEO over time.

Monitoring competitors in RavenTools is a strategy we always recommend. Sure, you don’t want to copy everything a competitor does, but RavenTools allows us to map their efforts over time. And, combined with other tools and advanced reporting techniques, we can identify opportunities to gain the upper hand.

Lastly, creating custom reports from data sources is easier than ever in RavenTools. Looking to review Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads, all in one place? How about goal completions? Raventools can do it. And automating these reports makes it a breeze, giving you time to focus on content, campaigns, and strategy!

In 2019, SEO is more competitive than ever.

Attributes such as domain-authority have a significant impact on SERP placement, and sometimes, the way things ‘have always be done’ – is not the best reason to continue to do so. Newer sites, businesses, and organizations ought to consider an aggressive SEO strategy if they wish to make their impact in their SEO environment. And existing websites and organizations will need to do better than ever to retain their high positions.

If you’d like to setup a trial of RavenTools, let us know.

We’d be happy to set you up with free usage for 30 days. And, if you need assistance getting the account built out, we can help. Contact us and we will setup an initial phone call.