2021 Q1 Updates at V12 Marketing

We hope you’ve had a great start to the new year! The start to any new year can be a great time to plan, revisit old strategies, and try new methods. V12 has a few updates we’d like to share.

More New Certifications 🥇


V12 Marketing is now a Databox Premier Certified Partner! This is an upgrade to our existing Databox certification. At V12, we love data, so Databox was a natural fit for us. This is especially true given their easy integrations with Slack. From quick traffic snapshots, to in-depth reporting, having automated and ongoing notifications sent to a shared Slack channel can yield significant results over time! We’re looking forward to making even better use of Databox in 2021. And let us know if you’re interested in a free-trial of Databox.


We recently were accepted into BigCommerce’s Partner Program. There’s still some setup for us to do on the backend, but we wanted to announce this recent development early. If you’re an e-commerce business, there are tons of options when it comes to digital shopping infrastructure. This compliments our existing Shopify and WooCommerce partner programs, and we’re excited to now offer a headless platform for e-commerce clients.

New V12 Marketing & Slack Integrations 🔗

V12 Dashboard + Slack

Now, V12 Marketing clients using the V12 Marketing Dashboard can communicate directly with our team in Slack without having to leave the dashboard! This is a powerful productivity hack, as we know very well how inspiration can strike at any time, but with only so much time during your busy day, making the most of those moments is important.

Slack + Asana

Asana is an awesome project management tool leveraged by our team at V12 Marketing. But, it’s also a platform we can help your business set up to manage tasks better. This integration allows for instant notifications to be sent to Slack, keeping all interested parties informed of project progress.

Slack + Web-Chat

Is your website using chat to engage and convert visitors? If not, you should! But there are also tons of options when it comes to web-chat. Our team can help cut through the noise, and pick the right platform for your team. Recently, we find we are recommending CallRail most often, as it is super easy to install and manage, and looks great. Plus, these chats are sent directly to Slack channels (or directly to you), as they arrive.

Brand & Team Updates 💡

Remote Work

Since March of 2020, our team has been working 100% remote. Of course, we still have our office at 6 Garvins Falls Road in Concord, but it’s not often we’re there physically. However, we’re pleased to say that going remote has been a success so far! Tools like Slack, Zoom, and others have made this transition much easier, and we’re grateful for our ability to do so.

In The News

Recently, we announced an exclusive partnership with the Concord Sentinel. This release was covered in multiple publications, like Yahoo News, MarketWatch, and Seeking Alpha. This is an exciting step for us to offer our clients affordable and hyper-local ad targeting options as well as a content distribution model with fewer logistics.

Additionally, V12 Marketing is now an accepted organization in the Council for Inclusive Capitalism. We’re excited to be a part of a large global movement that is working towards building a more sustainable, inclusive, and trusted economic system that benefits everyone. We believe that every business, of every size, deserves to have access to marketing programs that are effective, affordable, and forward-thinking. We are looking forward to building this relationship with the Council for Inclusive Capitalism, and continuing our mission to provide transparent, effective, and affordable services to businesses of all sizes.

Going Forward

We’re happy to say we’ve had a busy, but productive start to 2021. If you’re looking for some ideas on ways to make 2021 your business’ best year yet, we suggest checking out these 7 New Years Resolutions For Your Business.

Or, if you’d like to have our team create a custom plan for your business, get in touch with our team, and get a free consultation on your next project with us!