New Integrations on V12 Dashboard!

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Now, it’s easier than ever to make better marketing decisions with the V12 Dashboard

Digital marketing is well-known for its countless streams of data sources. And each of these data sources have nearly an endless supply of track-able metrics. SEO for example, has search term reporting and keyword analysis as one element, but there’s also understanding the performance over time across various audiences, and how they relate to other marketing channels and efforts.

This makes it potentially difficult to tell what is good data, and what isn’t. And we don’t want to only be chasing pure traffic volume, like sessions and page-views, as they don’t always correlate with return-on-investment.

So what’s a digital marketer to do? Well, taking a deep breath, and a step back, is usually a great idea. Instead of getting lost in analysis paralysis, review what is being tracked to begin with, and why. Questions such as, “Are these new users?” Or, “What is the goal we are trying to achieve with this audience?” Asking the right questions can clarify our strategy, which allows us to quantify the value of a campaign over time.

That’s why we started the development of the V12 Marketing Dashboard. To help our clients create and collect data and display it in a sleek and convenient interface with predetermined structure and goals. And that’s why we’ve added support for more data sources, and most recently, custom Google Sheets. Now, almost any data can be graphed in real-time. They can be cross-referenced with other popular data sources like CallRail, Google My Business, and RavenTools SEO Reports.

You can access the V12 Marketing dashboard here, or in the main menu navigation.

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