7 Products To Boost Your WFH Productivity

V12 Marketing August 2021


There has been a huge shift in the way we work in our professional lives, and working from home is one of those transitions a lot of us have made within the last couple of years. For those of us that have been working from home, it’s natural that we have updated our setups to make them more suited to our liking. Everything from office chairs, desks, lighting, and computer peripherals. The possibilities are really limitless when it comes to customizing your work area and making it your own. Here are 7 products that I believe will add value to your WFH setup.


1. Standing Desks

WFH Products


We all spend a lot of time at our computers while working. With the reality being that we are sitting for hours on end, uninterrupted. It’s been shown that sitting for too long can have negative consequences for our health. Having a standing desk allows us to take a much-needed break from sitting and alleviate some of that pressure from our necks and backs. It’s also a great way to correct your posture throughout the workday. Although standing desks can be more expensive than traditional desks, it’s a great investment in the long term if ergonomics and your overall health are important to you.


2. Ergonomic Office Chair

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The word “Ergonomic” has become synonymous with the work-from-home culture. What this means is that the design of the product is specifically made with comfort and efficiency in mind. With long hours spent at the desk, it’s a great investment to spend the money on a decent office chair. Ergonomic chairs not only keep you comfortable throughout the workday but also ensure it’s the better option for your health. These chairs range greatly in price, but there are many great options for nearly any budget.


3. Monitor Reading Light

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Eye strain can be a potential concern with working with computers in general. Especially if we use computers every day as part of our job. I recommend anyone who is working-from-home consider a monitor reading light. It not only gives you ample lighting for your workflow but also minimizes the desk space used that conventional lamps take up. The light bars usually have multiple color settings with dimmable options as well for everyone’s needs. Whether you’re working during the day, evening, or late at night it’s an upgrade that is worth every penny.


4. Webcams

Products for WFH


A great addition to any WFH setup is a webcam. They have been around for decades and have made great leaps in capabilities. You might ask yourself why do I need a standalone webcam? Well for the majority of us that work from home the occasional meeting comes up, and who doesn’t want to look their best at work? Webcams offer higher quality images than traditional laptop webcams can offer. Webcams vary in pricing but anything with 1080p and above will be a great upgrade for your next online meeting.


5. Wireless Charging Stations

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I recommend anyone who is working from home invest in a charging station. The benefit of these products is that you can charge your electronics at once, but also be able to interact with devices like your phone while it’s docked. Charging stations come in all shapes and sizes but usually offer the same options such as phone charging, wireless headphone charging, and sometimes have USB charging outlets. It makes charging your devices convenient while minimizing desk space and unnecessary cables. Everyone loves a clean desk.


6. Laptop Stand

7 Products To Boost Your WFH Productivity


For the work-from-home people who are using laptops, a laptop stand is almost a necessity. These stands are great because they not only tidy up your workspace, but you can also utilize your laptop as a secondary monitor. Making your workflows more enjoyable and productive. This is a great accessory to buy because it’s practical but also relatively inexpensive when considering the benefits. They vary in design and function so choose one that compliments your WFH setup, there are many on the market.


7. Google Home

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When you’re in a good flow state while working the last thing you want to do is stop what you’re doing and find the answers to something unrelated. That’s why I recommend a google home device to add to your WFH setup. Google home is a smart speaker that allows you to speak commands or questions to it, and in return will answer those questions or commands. These devices also have the ability to be linked with many smart-home setups so you can automate your lighting, control your tv, and more. I frequently use mine to do complex math for me when needed or to ask about the weather forecast. You can really ask it anything you desire and it will give you feedback, which is great when you’re multitasking. It’s powered by the Google search engine and is a small but powerful tool.