Optimize Your Return-On-Investment With Reporting

How often are you reviewing your website analytics and conversion data?

Nowadays, anything can be tracked online. Sure, we may think we can comfortably hide behind ad blockers and incognito tabs, but eventually, sites can leverage the tools to get any users into the sales funnel.

But, not all sites and businesses are taking advantage of the tools and tricks available. There are many reasons for this. Technical knowledge, time, budgets, staff, and so forth. We strongly believe that a consistent reporting schedule is crucial to truly understanding the performance of a website, or a business, depending on how integrated the site is with the bottom line.

However, when focused on growth, all channels become drivers of revenue, or leads – which should be reported on. Otherwise, this data floats into cyberspace until it is either forgotten, lost, or becomes irrelevant. Tools such as Google Analytics make reporting easy, with no cost, and fast integration. The options do not stop there though. We encourage all of our clients to evaluate their marketing reporting, and look for gaps of logic, or places where further data mining could be done to better understand a scenario.

Do you want a hand with digital analytics or reporting?

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