3 Designers To Be Influenced By For Your Brand

3 Designers to be influenced by, for your brand.

Everyone needs some inspiration when trying to get into the creative spirit. When we think about marketing a business, we can use this same approach for brand identity and creative direction. Design plays an important role in how the consumer interfaces with your company, and the product you are offering.

The visual context of your brand or product is often the first impression a customer has. Whether it be a great-looking logo, website, or merchandise, the right designs can make a big difference. Learning how to reference good design as a tool, can help elevate your brand and generate more potential customers. Here are three designers to be influenced by while building your brand.



1. Max Miedinger

Graphic designers have an important role in helping shape the perception of our environments. Whether it be a road sign, an advertisement billboard, or business cards, They understand the importance of sending a good message to the consumer, and what that message conveys through that design. Max Miedinger was a Swiss designer who invented the iconic font Helvetica that we all love. Regardless of whether you are not familiar with design, it is very likely you have seen this font before. Some of the most notable brands that use Max Miedinger’s Helvetica are American Airlines, BMW, Apple, Skype, JCPenny, and more. With his simple, yet refined design philosophy he was able to create an easy-to-understand visual language that has helped with the success of many companies worldwide.



2. Irene Au

UI Design is the creation of software or web interfaces that are easy to use and functional for the consumer, or end-user. Irene Au has worked with companies such as  Google, Yahoo, and Udacity to focus on cutting-edge design for products that we all use and love today. A good example of UI Design would be building a website that focuses on the user experience.

As a brand, we want our potential customers to have an easy time navigating our website, and through good design leaving a lasting impression. Irene Au says “ Good Design is like a refrigerator –when it works, no one notices, but when it doesn’t, it sure stinks.”



3. David M. Kelley

David M. Kelley is one of the founders of iconic design agency IDEO, based in New York City. His agency focuses on designing products that are both creative, and innovative in their design. Everything from computers, toys, medical equipment and beyond.

His practice has focused on what they call, human-centered design, and he believes in doing so they can unlock creative confidence in their consumers and clients. In business, the focus should be on the customer experience in keeping them engaged and satisfied with the product and service. This same Ideology can be applied to building your brand, whether it be a new website, social media marketing, or other marketing efforts. 

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Written by: Alex Saito