Mobile Marketing – Still Relevant?

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Mobile device usage has exploded over the past ten years.

But is this bubble about to pop any time soon?

From a marketing and acquisition standpoint, the answer is a resounding no.

According to recent studies, mobile devices are being used even more globally, and in first-world countries even more. Users say they shop, browse, communicate, and play games more frequently and for longer periods of time than they did in the past.

Already, it has been 4 years since global users of mobile devices surpassed users of desktop devices.

What does this mean?

Business’s must have a mobile strategy. We turn to our handheld devices when we’re looking to solve a problem, and fast. And it can be difficult to be in all places at once, especially as marketing budgets are more segmented by channel than ever. So, by focusing on growth and user experience, we are more likely to earn that user’s business.

How can I optimize my mobile strategy?

As with any marketing campaign, mobile should be planned with the user in mind. Which devices are your users on most? Which ones perform the worst from a Conversion Rate standpoint? How about email subscribes?

There’s a lot to be considered. Both from a design / functionality case, as well as from targeting. Targeting “near me” in search advertising campaigns has proven to be an effective method of reducing CPC campaigns. But, the keyword list doesn’t have to end there. Consider, “nearby” and other local towns surrounding your business.

Don’t forget to optimize your Google Maps / Google My Business Pages. And while you’re at it – sign up for Bing Places (even thought we know you think no one uses it). These accounts can have positive impacts on SEO and referral traffic as well.

That’s it for now. Do you think mobile is going to reign king forever? Or is AR/VR going to replace it? Let us know in the comments. (coming soon!) And, if you’re looking for a consultation on your own mobile marketing strategy, or some tools you can use to improve, contact us, and get a free consultation.

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