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Do you have a list of 100 brand and product related SEO keywords for your business?

If not, you should. And you should be using automated tools to manage these lists to grow and leverage them over time.

Digital solutions like RavenTools offer ongoing reporting and management on SEO keyword lists. V12 Marketing can help you improve the methods and tools used to drive Organic Search growth. You can then use these search terms as additional targets in Paid Search campaigns like Google and Bing Ads. If you haven’t used RavenTools, check out this ongoing promotion to get a FREE Trial of RavenTools for 60-Days from us.

However, not only should one be using search scrapers like RavenTools, Moz, and Spyfu — back to the basics is Google WebMaster Tools AKA Search Console, AKA one of the BEST FREE SEO TOOLS AVAILABLE. Honorable mention here is Bing WebMaster Tools.

We use these programs to identify issues, threats, and opportunities both on the website, as well as on the web. As more and more users turn to their smartphones, social media, friends, and voice-activated smart devices for services, the atmosphere has never demanded more that we be creating good, useful content, that users will appreciate. This tools will also help you create a Sitemap, which is an important piece of keeping your SEO index fresh. This, combined with ongoing reporting and content development, is a surefire way to make traction in the competitive Organic Search and Local SEO market.

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