Get a FREE Google Ads Campaign Build – July Promo

Google Ads Certified Agency V12 Marketing in Concord NH

Give us a few ideas, and we’ll take care of the rest

It’s that easy. Our team of Google Ads experts will put together an effective campaign that will showcase our quality of work. We will build the account offline, and either send you the files for import, or assist with getting the campaign live in your Google Ads account. We’ll review budget, goals, campaign build, future optimizations, and more.

V12 Marketing is Google Ads certified. Meaning our team has managed thousands of campaigns will all kinds of budgets in different industries, products, and more. Our team will be able to help you deliver value from your new campaign.

We usually recommend a search campaign centered around a single concept. But sometimes this isn’t possible, in which case we can also build a Display Campaign for you, targeting various audiences across the web based on campaign needs.

Don’t like it in 30 days? (Usually we recommend at least 45, 90 days is ideal) – You’re free to turn it off, delete it, print it out, and set it on fire if you like.

But we hope you’ll see that not only can we build a state-of-the-art Google Ads campaign efficiently, our management and account-optimization solutions are just as valuable.

You are free to make edits to this campaign (and we recommend you do) – such as search query optimization, bid adjustments, audience edits, ad copy edits, and more. But we’re available, as are our online resources if you are looking for further answers. Generally, we recommend letting tests run as planned in the initial meetings, and of course planning tasks around brand messaging.

Get Started:

To use this promo, contact us by filling out a form and use the coupon code: “V12PPC”  ➡ ➡

Follow the prompts you receive by email and our team to sign up for a free consultation for your campaign build.

The finer print: Limited once per user. This promotion does not include Conversion Management, Remarketing/Retargeting, Account Edits, or any other ongoing account or web work related to the campaign or project. This promotion includes the development of a single Google Ads campaign build, determined after the initial consultation. Promotion is subject to change prior to the end date of July 31, 2019.