We’re Google Partner Certified!

V12 Marketing, PPC Google Certified, Concord NH

V12 Marketing is finally Google Partner Certified!

You can find our new certification in the footer of our website. The exams are a walk in the park for us, but we felt it was important to show our dedication to providing quality (and Google-approved) PPC Management services. And while we’ve passed these exams many times in the past, we had not taken the opportunity since going live with V12 Marketing.

We plan on becoming “Google Premier Partner Certified” in the future. This requires us to pass all 6 exams for more than one team member. Digital advertising in an important element in any marketing strategy, whether you’re spending $100 per month or $100,000,000 per month, they require knowledgeable and experienced management. Otherwise, valuable advertising spend is wasted on irrelevant clicks, and can damage brand appearance. PPC is an iterative process, constantly changing and improving, in order to drive traffic. And there are many effective strategies to do so, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed without the right planning and guidance.

Next Steps

Check out our PPC Management services if you’re interested in getting a free consultation and account review. Often, we can provide immediate and actionable direction to improve Quality Score, lower Cost-Per-Click, and boost Click-Through-Rates. This of course all correlates to more conversions and better ROI.

One way we do this is by implementing Single Keyword Ad Groups. This advanced keyword targeting strategy is rarely used by those managing PPC accounts, and without it, we can almost guarantee money is being left on the table. It works in Google Ads, and Bing Ads, and the concept can be applied to any digital advertising channels, such as Facebook, or Taboola. Contact us to learn more about our SKAG process and start improving your campaigns!