Cloudflare – Flexible, Fast, & Free

Cloudflare’s “Free Tier” is almost crazy to skip out on.

Do you know how safe your domain hosting really is? Or how about how efficient?

Many businesses and users have a “set it and forget it” when it comes to DNS settings. Or, once every 2 years, they will renew their GoDaddy subscriptions via email. The problem is, most DNS settings have variability that are not accessible from common platforms, such as GoDaddy or LunarPages.

Enter CloudFlare.

CloudFlare offers a wide-variety of DNS tools that will keep your site safe from hackers, improve page speed, and provide a swath of tools, should one of your developers ever need one. And, if that’s not good enough already, most of it is free from CloudFlare. There are paid versions of the service, and depending on your needs, traffic, and bandwidth, that may be the better option. And fortunately, the rates are very competitive, and are short money for the value received.

Still not convinced? Check out these highlights from CloudFlare:


Cloudflare dramatically improves website performance through global CDN and web optimization features.


Cloudflare’s WAF, DDoS protection, and SSL defend website owners and their visitors from all types of online threats.


With over 35% market share, Cloudflare runs the largest, fastest, and most reliable managed DNS service in the world.


Cloudflare’s network helps identify visitor and bot behavior that isn’t accessible to conventional analytics technologies.

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