New Partnerships, Services, & Promotions at V12 Marketing!

V12 Marketing Agency Concord NH

The V12 Marketing team has been busy! We’ve added some new partnerships, as well as services, and a new promotion for businesses looking to boost their SEO results.

Microsoft Ads Partner

Recently, V12 Marketing was added to the Microsoft Ads Partner Directory! Many digital advertising immediately flock to Google Ads and/or Facebook Ads for the PPC campaigns, but we often recommend trying Microsoft Ads (previously BingAds) – as it’s usually a cheaper cost-per-click, higher click-through-rate, and higher conversion rate on average. As a Top Rated PPC Advertising Agency, it’s important to us to offer a wide variety of placements and options for clients looking to reach new customers online.

This new partnership gets us exclusive placement with Microsoft Ads, as well as opportunities to test new products while they are still in beta. If you’d like to run a Microsoft Ads campaign with us, just visit our PPC services page and fill out the form.

Hubspot Certified Partner

Hubspot, a high-quality CRM and marketing automation platform, is great for a business of any size. Features like web-chat, email tracking, web analytics, and more can supercharge marketing efforts.

And recently, V12 Marketing joined the Hubspot certified partner directory. While you don’t need to use Hubspot as your CRM to work with us, we’d love if you did! You can learn more about our Marketing Automation services here.

Flywheel Silver Partner

When you’re shopping for web hosting, there are so many providers to choose from.

Usually, we choose WP Engine since we’re agency partners, but it’s good to have options. When you host with Flywheel with us you get high-performance hosting for great prices. Flywheel also uses Kubernetes, an open-source, high-performance and security web hosting technology. This doesn’t use “shared hosting” which so many web hosts use, thereby increasing security, and removing the risk of bad server host neighbors!

Direct Mail Drip Campaigns

When is the last time you sent a physical mailer to prospects? Well, now you can year-round with V12 Marketing.

Thanks to a new partnership, we are able to have lists of relevant local prospects and send them high-quality mailers on a bi-weekly basis. Combined with advanced tracking techniques like Phone Call Tracking, Geo-Fencing, and Marketing Automation, you can keep the marketing funnel full of new customers. Check out our Direct Mail services and get in contact with us to start your campaign today!

Get a FREE Local Listing Report

Want to get a leg up on the competition? Get a Local Listing report! As you probably know, platforms like Yelp are commonly crawled by Google and other search engines.

But, there are many more local listing services other than Yelp, actually there’s 50+ on the web that Google crawls, checking for things like matching business phone, address, and websites. Get the list and sign up for any missing listings and watch SEO performance grow!

Ready to get started with V12 Marketing? Contact us and get a free consultation (and listing report)!