9 Work-From-Home Tools We LOVE

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With many of us working from home, our schedules and workflows have changed. But for us, WFH is nothing new. Check out the list below of some of our favorite tools to keep us connected and productive while working remotely.

1️⃣ Slack

Slack is a powerful communications tool. Similar to Discord, Microsoft Teams, and Google Hangouts, Slack is a chat-based collaboration platform that allows for file-sharing, phone/video calling, instant messaging, and more. It works nicely with many other project management systems with integrations such as custom emails. Slack comes on desktop, mobile, and browser. And there’s both a free and a paid version, depending on your budget. Slack is great for internal communication, but also now offers “Shared Channels” to make collaboration with clients and vendors even easier. Learn more about Slack here.

2️⃣ GSuite

GSuite, the professional suite that provides corporate email to businesses, does a lot more than email. It also brings Google Drive, which includes Docs, Sheets, and Slides, among other tools such as Google Calendar, to increase collaboration efficiency. Power users of GSuite will find awesome ways to automate and route their email inboxes in creative ways to deliver enhanced functionality. Learn more about GSuite here.

3️⃣ Trello

Trello is a board and list based collaboration tool that allows for automation. Creating custom lists and automating their function is just the beginning. You can incorporate reminders, checklists, notifications, calendars, and much more. There’s also a free version, as well as paid upgrades, depending on project needs. Learn more about Trello here.

4️⃣ Zapier

The gold-standard for marketing automation and integrations, Zapier, has limitless potential only bound by our creativity. Use Zapier to collect data, A/B test, simplify tasks, and much more. Zapier also has paid and free tier packages. This is one that almost every business should have an account. Plus, they offer tons of cool add-ons, such as Zappy, an upgraded desktop-based snipping tool. Learn more about Zapier here.

5️⃣ HootSuite

HootSuite, another awesome marketing tool, allows for social media automation, scheduling, and reporting. We highly recommend any business use their free version to manage social media marketing and scheduling. By scheduling in advance, we are able to focus on other tasks while HootSuite takes care of posting in the background. Learn more about HootSuite here.

6️⃣ GitHub

Now owned by Microsoft, GitHub, is for developers looking to collaborate on projects. The push/pull version control system of Git makes it much easier for developers to work together. Learn more about GitHub here.

7️⃣ CallRail

CallRail, once only used to track phone call conversions and record incoming calls, now offers a complete set of attribution tools and phone call routing features. This can be especially important when working remotely when desk phones are not accessible, and often difficult to configure off-site functionality. Not only are we able to track, record, and report call data, but also forms as well. New features such as Keyword-Spotting also amplify tracking methods, allowing greater understanding of marketing campaign return-on-investment, and therefore future optimization. Learn more about CallRail here.

8️⃣ DataBox

One of our favorites, DataBox allows us to create instant and automated simplified traffic reports. We can push these to Slack on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and for free. There are paid versions as well, depending on project needs. DataBox also offers custom dashboard functionality, as well as goal setting and analytics. Learn more about DataBox here.

9️⃣ SEMrush

SEMrush is an exceptional tool for growing Search Engine Optimization efforts. From keyword tracking and research, to real-time analytics, SEMrush offers a suite of SEO-driven features that will help get any website higher in the search results. Track performance over time and leverage this data to create better reports, better content, and make better decisions. Learn more about SEMrush here.

Looking for more? You can visit our Project Tools page to see additional marketing and web development tools our team leverages to get the job done.

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