Inside Look: Content Marketing with Paul

V12 Marketing SEO Content Marketing Tips by Paul McCain

Inside Look: Content Marketing & SEO

When writing blog content for V12 Marketing clients, I have several goals in mind. I strive to write professional content our clients can be proud of, first and foremost.

But it doesn’t mean I don’t have any fun while writing it. I aim for snappy, fun copy that is engaging to read, that evokes pleasing sensory details while incorporating some decent word-smithing… and only what comes across naturally.

If I’m having fun writing it, it’s a solid indicator to me that customers and clients might have fun reading it. With each post I write it gets easier for me to tap into that sense of enjoyment. I make a game out of being creative with client topics I familiarize myself with in my upfront research… our clients’ bread and butter. And in turn, our clients’ web traffic, customer engagement, and brand identity grow. It’s a win-win for myself, V12 Marketing, and our clients.

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Paul McCain, V12 Marketing | SEO & Content Specialist