Digital Marketing Tips: Does Blogging Work?


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Digital Marketing Tips is a new ongoing marketing series from V12 Marketing

This time, we’re evaluating a few Search Engine Optimization strategies. Channels like Google, Bing, and Yahoo earn billions and billions of keyword searches a day. These are users looking for answers to a question they have, and depending on your business or organization, it may pay to get their attention.

Content Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization relies on almost countless signals from a business and its web-presence to determine its search ranking. However, there are plenty of ways you can positively influence this calculated metric. One way, is Content Marketing, which is a method of ongoing content development, such as a blog. Some might say, “Aren’t blogs outdated? Do people even read them?” – and that is a valid concern.

While the amount of content creation in the past decade has exploded, the attention span of users has decreased. But by actively creating content that is relevant to your brand, and the problems your customer or users are looking to solve, you’re creating opportunity. You’re showing Google that your website and brand has a pulse. A content marketing strategy starts with a marketing calendar. Strategically determining how to best deliver value to customers is the best chance of getting seen and ranked higher by Google.

As we mentioned previously, users’ attentions spans have plummeted as content has distractions have surged online. This has led to Google using your website’s performance as SEO signals. Important metrics such as Bounce Rate, Pages Views Session, and Page Load Speed, all correspond to the search ranking of your website. Fixing slow scripts, optimizing images, updating plugins and themes, all can improve SEO performance.

Lastly, it’s important that we note the importance of Local SEO. By localizing content and keywords, we are much more likely to make a big impact over a shorter period of time in search rankings.

Planning for SEO Success

By leveraging a well-planned marketing calendar and reporting on search impressions and search traffic over time, we can plot trends of popular metrics. If a business or organization is making an investment in its brand and outreach, and should be aware of how our website ranked over time, to further create content and optimize website performance. Below, is an example of a new website we helped launch, as well as assist in the management of ongoing content development. You can see that over 6 months, daily search impressions (views in Google Search), have significantly increased.

Ready to Get Started with Content Marketing?

We can help in all sorts of ways. Whether you are completely new to content marketing, need a new marketing calendar, or general consultation on ongoing efforts, V12 Marketing can help evaluate, report, and execute methods of search engine optimization. Contact us to get started on your project.