6 Design Trends For Your Company’s Website

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In the digital age, having an online presence has a significant importance when it comes to your business’s success. Here are 5 design trends we are seeing in 2022!


The Minimalism Approach


When designing your website, It’s important to consider user experience and navigation. Is your website easy to read? Does it have adequate space and font size? One of the biggest trends we are seeing in website design is the minimalism approach or less is more. Instead of having a surplus of content on one page, perhaps you can keep the content specialized and separate.

Then you can have other navigation links pertaining to other subjects. Remember, you are trying to keep your lead’s attention and focus. That means fewer distractions and ease of use. Studies have shown that a minimal, clean design can generate more leads and help with longer engagement on your company’s website. The strategic use of negative space and font choice is essential in this approach.


Interactive Horizontal Scrolling


Keeping your audience engaged on your company’s website is essential to getting more business. The majority of websites come standard with a vertical scrolling function to view the content of the website which is to be expected. What we are seeing is a trend in interactive functions like horizontal scrolling blocks.

These scrolling blocks help keep your audience engaged by presenting an uncommon interaction, creating curiosity and more time spent on your site. It’s also a great way to minimize the footprint of content on that specific page, while also not compromising the amount of content you wish to share.

Illustration & Animations

One of the more unique trends we are seeing is the implementation of illustrated characters and animations on websites. These cartoon characters bring a warm and approachable element that invites the user to explore and get to know your company. These characters can be placed anywhere on your site and can be used to initiate a call to action section,  giving the website a more personal impression.

These illustrated characters can also build your brand identity, as the audience will now associate these friendly characters with your brand. Animation within your website is also a great way to keep your audience engaged, for example having one of your illustrations pointing to your contact page.


Dark Mode Activated

The overwhelming majority of websites are light-themed as the standard. With modern society seeing more screen time than ever, eyestrain is becoming more prevalent.

Having a dark-mode option on your website might seem unnecessary, but it’s a great way to show your audience they are being accommodated, and it’s a subtle feature that shows your company thinks outside the box. This is another great example of designing with interaction and engagement in mind.


Embedded Video On Homepages


The first impressions mean a lot, and the homepage of your website is the first thing a potential client sees. When designing your website with engagement in mind, grab the attention of your audience with a short embedded video loop.

These short videos not only grab attention immediately but also give the audience a first impression of the company, its culture, and what they should expect. These clips can show various scenes of your company’s services, but also inspiring landscape and drone shots are all effective methods of grabbing attention.

Complex Gradients

Complex gradients are a design trend that is making a comeback from early 2000s graphic design. Using a combination of colors, gradually blended together gives your website more depth and style to what would seem like a traditional, flat look.

Complex gradient images complement great with text content that is placed well. Remember to use desirable and easy-to-read fonts as well as negative space, to give your website an immersive experience for your audience.


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