5 Reasons To Run Google Ads In 2022

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With over 90% of all online search traffic going to Google, it’s important that your business has a presence on the web.

What’s even more important is that the right people are seeing your business online, and with Google Ads, you can get in front of those people in just a few clicks, while minimizing any costs associated with bringing new customers to your business or website.

In order to understand why Google Ads are so valuable, check out these five reasons to use Google Ads for your business in 2022!

1) Having a Website Isn’t Enough 🖥️

If you’re trying to promote your business, having a website isn’t enough.

While a website can both create traffic from channels like Organic Search, and convert traffic, it’s much better to always be driving new highly-targeted traffic through other channels like Google Ads. We encourage businesses across all industries to use paid advertisements as a way of reaching their target market. This is something we take seriously! Google Ads offers tons of ways to reach users across the web, which is then optimized over time for better results. Your website alone can’t do this.

2) The Most Visible Platform 👀

Although other platforms are growing by leaps and bounds, they’re still not as large or effective as Google when it comes to reaching your target audience. About 90% of all searches online are done in Google Search.

Recent tweaks to Google’s algorithm mean targeted ads can reach significantly more people than before—while also being easier on their eyes. In a nutshell, Google Ads is still the leading search engine for small businesses.

3) Cost-Effectiveness 🤑

Google Ads can be very cost-effective when used correctly.

Unlike SEO, which will help you gain organic traffic and sales over time, Google Ads can potentially bring in instant results. The key is knowing how much to spend and how long your ads should run. With Analytics you can keep track of all of these metrics. Knowing when and where to advertise are also crucial factors.

4) Seamless Integration With Other Marketing Platforms ⚙️

Google Ads is a full-service advertising platform that can be combined with other online marketing services, including Facebook and email marketing.

These advanced digital advertising platforms allow marketers to target customers based on demographics, interests, location and behavior—so when you choose Google Ads, you’re tapping into a powerful range of possibilities. If you are looking for more (and higher quality) website traffic, consider building a seamless integration between Google Ads and other digital advertising tools.

5) Promote Off-Page Content 🚩

The average spend on digital advertising is a small percentage of your overall marketing budget, and it’s easy to measure its impact.

To increase ROI (return on investment), use integrated content—social media, email marketing, blogs, newsletters, etc.—to promote your brand. Include links back to areas where users can learn more about your products or services. This ensures that everyone who’s interested can find what they need quickly and easily.

And since these people are already interested in your business, they’re much more likely to convert into customers. In fact, many industry standards suggest you should aim for a conversion rate of at least 1% when promoting off-page content. Then, you can work to increase that figure over time. Small changes in Conversion Rate can make a big difference!

Using your budget effectively is important regardless of your business’s size.

Becoming the top result on a search engine takes continuous effort. In the age of technology, answers are easier to find and businesses are always looking for new ways to be the solution to people’s problems. Work towards being the first result in your next client’s Google Search and increase your average reach per dollar spent!

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