5 Holiday Strategies for 2018

V12 Marketing

The holiday season is usually the largest for retail businesses, both digitally and in-store. This can be a great time to re-connect with your audience in creative ways to drive better results.

1. Run a Contest / Giveaway

Social media outlets are a great way to run contests and connect with customers. You can curate positive behaviors and gain additional insight into the customer journey with a well-crafted strategy.

2. Re-target Email Lists with Up-sells

Users on email lists are often the best engaged of all users. They are the easiest to up-sell, and hook with new promotions. There are many ways an e-mail list can be leveraged, and via ad re-targeting, clever ways such as Facebook Video ads, or Google Search ads, there are many options worth testing, tracking, and optimizing.

3. Schedule Social Media Posts Early

Automation and planning is key in any traffic pursuit. Planning and scheduling social media posts early, can not only save time, but also improve the quality of campaign performance. Using tools such as SharpSpring and Hoosuite, can make this especially easy to time with content marketing campaigns.

4. Create & Market Organic Content Related to Promotions

Blogging and article publication can drive Organic traffic, and sticky content for users of all channels to connect with. It’s fodder for social media and content marketing campaigns.

5. Utilize Traditional Media, Such as Mailers to Follow-Up

Mailers in holiday time can be a nice touch to bond with customers. Cards and short letters can be an effective way to thank them for their business.

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