3 Quick Digital Marketing Tips for Q4

PPC Strategy 2018 September 1st


Ready for Quarter 4?

Less than a month away,  for many industries,  Q4 holds the lion’s share of traffic, ad budgets, and revenue. Black Friday deals and holiday specials are great ways to convert new or existing users. But, it’s always good to check certain items before going into a busier season. Here’s a few items to check beforehand:

PPC Ads 🛒

PPC campaigns are a powerful way to curate new customers. But it can involve a lot of work, strategizing, developing, optimizing, etc. Make sure to be updating ad copy, pricing, and promotions before going into a busy season. Targeting specific keyword searches, like holidays, gifts, or Black Friday, can leverage additional relevance in campaigns, and thereby lower costs, and more budget for more new users. Google Shopping ads are typically a top-performer in the holiday season, double check your bids, targeting, and feed integrations before the holiday rush starts.

Tracking & Analytics 📈

What good is data if you’re not collecting it? And especially when traffic numbers spike, it’s important to make sure all tracking is operational. Whether you’re using Google Analytics, or other powerful web tracking tools such as HotJar, right now is the time to make sure everything is working. Likewise with phone call tracking and form submissions. This time of the year, with the higher volumes of users, grants even more insights.

Server Capacity 🖥

For some businesses, Q4 is a large portion of their yearly revenue. You may consider upgrading your web hosting if you are expecting a spike in traffic. There is nothing worse than sending a massive email blast, backed up by weeks of advertising, content creation, and social media campaigns, to have users hit a dead website.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact us if you’d like a hand on getting these (and more) setup for your business or organization. While these 3 are helpful, every business, website, and marketing efforts, can vary. Our experts can help you leverage best practice and creative problem-solving to optimize your business for long-term growth.