5 New Year’s Resolutions for Marketing Campaigns

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Ready to boost marketing campaign performance in 2020?

The New Year is a great time to make some of the changes you’ve been considering. Especially since all new project documentation is here, it’s possibly the best time to introduce new workflows and streamline processes. By leveraging each of these resolutions, you can be sure there are many ways your marketing project could grow.

Here’s a few marketing resolutions for your campaigns in 2020:

Resolution #1. Spend More Time With Marketing Reports 📄

Marketing reports often go by without completely reviewing all the changes in key metrics and trends. V12 Marketing usually recommends setting up a series of marketing report templates to cover time ranges and channels. This allows us to plot trends, identify anomalies, and introduce changes to campaigns and planning swiftly.

Using tools such as Slack, allowing automated marketing reports to be generated in front of the entire team, we can promote discussion and further analysis. Even just an extra hour a month spent reviewing marketing reports can make a big difference in following months performance. You can also get a free SEO report from us here.

Resolution #2 A/B Test Across Channels 🎯

We all know we should be A/B testing, but how much are you actually doing and measuring?

A/B testing can be done in every channel, from email marketing to digital advertising, to landing pages, print items, cold calls, and more. But sometimes the tricky part about A/B testing marketing channels is the follow up and definitive quality comparison. You may want to consider, how can you track your experiments performance? Clicks? Engagement? Conversion?

Nowadays platforms often offer proprietary A/B testing tools, like in MailChimp, or Google Ads. There is data almost everywhere in marketing campaigns, but we can always make better use of it and create ways to collect more and better data in the future.

Resolution #3. Audit CTA’s Regularly ✅

Using tools like HotJar and Google Analytics can tell us which Calls To Action are getting hits. Are users clicking the red button in the header? Or the green button in the last section on the homepage? This works in hand with A/B testing and reporting. Using some of the results from reporting more, you can track performance over time, and make optimizations as trends start to appear.

Resolution #4. Schedule Search Query Reporting in Search Advertising 🔎

Search Advertising/PPC like Google Ads and Bing Ads are still strong sources of traffic and engagement.

In order to reduce wasted spend of ad budgets, we recommend setting up a monthly or quarterly plan to review search query reports. Then, it’s even easier to optimize campaigns and keywords over time as the year progresses. You’ll be surprised what some users are able to conjure up in their searches and then waste valuable advertising dollars with a inadvertent click and then bounce.

We recommend getting all the data in a spreadsheet and weeding out the irrelevant search terms. But be careful! You don’t want to add negative keywords that will inhibit potentially interested prospects from visiting your website. Always double-check before going live and audit existing negative keywords regularly as well.

Resolution #5. Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment 🔮

Get creative! Try new things. Don’t let analysis paralysis or the urge to perfect every angle slow you down.

Of course, this is best approached with caution, but the principle is to be flexible and willing to try new ideas. Past performance doesn’t always dictate future results. So if you find yourself comfortable or “in a groove” on a marketing channel, or a task, or a landing page, mix it up! You never know what the future holds if you keep this up.

However, this too, is best approached with caution. There is value in consistent efforts and decisive action. They’re both important, but the key takeaway here is be ready and open to change.

Bonus: Leverage Marketing Automation To Work For You More!

Marketing automation tools like Zapier and IFTTT are getting better by the year. Combined with the results of resolutions above, many tasks can be automated, creating room for further development. Get things done, reach new audiences, and collect data. Marketing automation has endless possibilities, but we usually suggest that it’s best to select a few key tasks that can be automated without too much technical setup, and iterate from there. Eventually, you’ll see the results and notice new tasks that can be automated or sequenced.

With each of these resolutions, reporting enhancements, further A/B testing, regular call-to-action review and search term reporting, and finally the initiative to creative development and experimentation, even in finite groups, can lead to significant growth in the project. From new data to new ideas, a few small tweaks can make a big difference over the long term.

Let us know on social media if you have any additional resolutions for 2020 for your marketing programs.

Need some help getting started on making your 2020 marketing resolutions happen? You can contact us and get a FREE consultation on your project!