4 Reasons To Use WordPress For Your Next Website

WordPress Developer NH V12 Marketing

Are you thinking of building a new website? Before running to self-builder tools like SquareSpace, Wix, MailChimp, GoDaddy, or Weebly, you may be better off using WordPress.

Check out our top 4 reasons to use WordPress below:

1. WordPress is free

Unlike the tools mentioned above, WordPress is (and will always be) “free.” Sure, you will need to still pay for hosting the website, maybe a theme, additional functionality through paid plugins, or a web developer to build or manage it, the core use of WordPress itself is free.

2. WordPress is open-source

WordPress has a community of developers working towards its development. Granted, this means there may be more maintenance compared to a builder tool like Wix, this also means the best software will always be available. In the case of a centralized provider, there will be significantly more flexibility.

3. WordPress has tons of plugins

WordPress plugins allow a website owner to leverage additional functionality that would otherwise need to be developed. Powerful plugins like Gravity Forms, Advanced Custom Fields, Yoast SEO, and more, allow WordPress to be used in even more useful ways, and quickly.

4. WordPress is SEO-friendly

When it comes to search engine crawl-ability, WordPress outperforms when compared to most other frameworks. Not only is WordPress designed to rank higher faster on search engines, it also offers easier access to methods of optimization.

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