Updates at V12 Marketing

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As we end the month of April, we wanted to share a few updates from the V12 Marketing team.

New Tools & Services 🛠

The V12 Marketing team loves new tools and enhancing our services. As you may know, our data analytics platform, V12 Dashboard, is central to many of the marketing decisions we help clients make every day. And combined with Slack, we are able to offer a streamlined experience that keeps projects on track, meet goals, and continue to grow projects we work on.

V12 Marketing Dashboard:

The V12 Marketing dashboard recently rolled out some new updates to enhance data connections, as well as integrations with Slack.

Custom project calendars can now be added, allowing us to sync Content & Social Media Marketing Calendars with real-time project metrics and goals. These can easily be imported to Google Calendar, increasing project efficiency and transparency between our team and our clients.

Slack Integrations:

Slack has also received an update in the past few months.

V12 Marketing now offers Sucuri integrations for free with all Managed Website Services. This means, every time any change is made on your website, everyone on both teams is notified in real-time via Slack. Not only is the a security benefit, it also keeps the team in constant communication, and enables increased productivity by our team and our clients.

Another Slack update we rolled out is for Asana. Now, clients can choose which updates regarding their Project Management Services can be notified in Slack. This allows us to communicate on project items as they are completed, instead of having to relay or request updates.

Simplified Services:

In the marketing and web development industry, messaging is super important.

When it comes to a service that can be utilized by so many businesses, industries, and organizations, we believe it’s important to be transparent and be a resource. That’s why since day one, we’ve invested in our ability to educate and provide value to our clients and communities.

We also believe that any good marketing or web effort is a work-in-progress. So recently, we’ve added some new services around the V12 Marketing website, as well as sections that we believe will enhance the visitor experience.

Sergio Alonso Photo Boston MA V12 Marketing

Updates from (local) V12 Clients 📈

As a New Hampshire-based marketing agency, V12 Marketing serves many local businesses as well as those across the country. But recently, we’ve had an increase in requests for new work from local businesses. We are very pleased with this and want to share their progress!

Sergio Alonso Photo:

V12 Marketing Media Director, Sergio Gonzalez, recently designed a new portfolio website to showcase his work. We’re very pleased with how the Boston-based photo and video website turned out!

NH Junk Removal Website Live:

We recently launched a brand new website for a local Concord business, NH Junk Removal. This was a great project, and we love working with local businesses to help them accomplish their web and marketing goals. V12 Marketing assisted them with the design, development, and integration of the new website.

Updates to the Concord Sentinel:

The Concord Sentinel had some cosmetic updates as well. From some logo tweaks to new content sections, and a new “Community” feature in development, we’re looking forward to continuing this exclusive partnership.

Pentucket Paranormal Website Live:

Pentucket Paranormal, another local small business, had a new website designed and developed by V12 recently. This fun project allowed us to tap into our creative side, while offering an affordable website solution for a growing paranormal investigation service.

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Ongoing Promotions 🤑

Free Consultations + Project Estimates:

For quite some time, we’ve offered free consultations. We believe it’s important to show a new prospective client that we are invested in their success as well. We plan on continuing this offer indefinitely and would like to remind our visitors that this consultation also includes a project proposal and estimate. And, none of these items are set in stone. We understand that a businesses rely on flexibility and communication, so that’s what we’re here for.

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