5 Awesome Social Media Growth Hacks

5 Social Media Marketing Hacks by V12 Marketing in Concord NH


Social media marketing is a multi-pronged approach. It’s a way to connect with your audiences both one-on-one and one-to-many. It’s an advertising platform. A content distribution platform. A customer service tool. And more. And that’s why our team often encourages our clients to be as active and effective with the time they spend with social. Below, you can find 5 ways to get better results from your social media marketing.

1. Twitter: Use Lists 📃

Twitter Lists is an underrated tool that Twitter offers to any account. Basically, you are able to add individual users to a list and make that list private or public. Generally, these lists are best kept private, but it depends on the list. One strategy is to add Twitter accounts that you find yourself engaging with on a regular basis. This way, instead of going to each one of their pages, or worse, hoping you see their content in your feed, you can go right to the list and find it. Social media is most effective when we engage and socialize, so being two clicks away from your most favorited/retweeted/commented tweets is a time-saver.

2. Facebook: Send Friends Page Invites 📩

This one is more known but less used. Your team is your brand’s best ambassadors. So once in a while, ask team members to send out page invites for your business. You can also ask friends, family members, and acquaintances to do this as well. And after all, nothing draws a crowd like a crowd, so boosting your audience on Facebook can make it all the more likely future users will follow. It’s also good for branding. Of course, Facebook Page Likes will not make a bad product good or make up for a lack of customer service, it will create a larger sense of community on the platform, and show search engines that your business is a local favorite.

3. Google My Business: Create & Share Posts 🖋

Not only is having a Google My Business page supremely important for Search Engine Optimization, it’s also a place to share updates and connect with search engine users. And in the past couple of years, Google added the ability to create and share posts, complete with graphics, links, and even video. This can stop a user from idly scrolling by, and engaging with some of your best content.

4. Pinterest: Sync with Instagram 📸

Many businesses have long forgotten Pinterest. They say it’s too much work, there’s no engagement, it’s confusing to use, but we have a solution that can make Pinterest work for you. Now, you can sync your Instagram page with Pinterest. Every time you share content on Instagram, a pin will be created on Pinterest. This is good practice because not only are you reaching an otherwise unreachable audience, you are also creating more branded content on the web, as well as potentially creating backlinks to your website, and image content for Google and search engines to crawl.

5. LinkedIn: Join Groups 🤝

Many people think of Facebook when they think of social media groups. But LinkedIn has a great and growing community of interesting Groups to join. These can be places to connect with future customers and vendors, as well as a channel to distribute content. It’s a great way to test content, as you can easily track the results using UTM codes or custom links. And, if you are feeling especially adventurous, you can create your own group, thereby getting a front-row seat to the action, and being able to integrate your messaging and brand at a deeper level, as well as building authority. We recommend finding a couple, joining, and getting a feel for what it’s like.

That’s it! Let us know if you try these strategies and if you get some results. You can find us on social media with the links below, or with our handle @v12marketing. You can learn more about our social media marketing services here, or see some of the tools we use to generate better results here.

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