3 Easy To Adopt Strategies For Social Media in 2022

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As we look forward into 2022, social media marketing is still an important element of any digital marketing strategy. When done consistently and effectively, social media marketing can enhance your outreach and create engagement on a brand’s social profiles and website. However, when managed poorly, social media can create an unstable image and drive the value down of the brand. Our team works diligently to deliver quantifiable results for your social media efforts. 

Check out these 3 Ways our team leverages Social Media to drive performance:

1️⃣  Create Unique & Engaging Content: When creating content, quality is always more important than quantity. Ask questions. Share interesting news. Solve problems. When users find a unique piece of content, they will be more likely to engage. Engagement is like a snowball rolling down a hill, only positive things from a comment, share, or like.

2️⃣ Enhance Brand Imagery & Awareness: When it comes to social media marketing, imagery and well-crafted messages retain audiences. The art of keeping people is making sure your posts target an audience that can easily spark dialogue. Every post should include an image!

3️⃣ Build Custom Audiences: By finding audiences through previous social media engagements a company can engage with specific audiences of highly-targeted users. Using custom audiences can be an effective way to increase your reach with quality rather than quantity. And, it’s free to get started.

Every business can create value through these methods. Knowing how to balance these tools can greatly improve your reach, and thereby the probability of engagement. Mix in some A/B testing, and you’re in a great position to optimize content over time and increase performance.

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Written by: Ben Rautio