5 Ways To Show Your Brand Some Love This Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day Marketing V12 Concord NH

This year, show your commitment and love to your business

Our business relationships can be just as important with any other personal relationships. This year, show your brand you care with some extra appreciation. Check out some ideas below, and let us know on social media how you celebrated Valentine’s Day with your brand!

 1. Get New Team & Product Photos 🙋‍♀️

New photo/video content is a great way to show your brand some love.

Combined with an About Us web-page, it also has the added value to digital placements. Team members get appreciated too, which is often an underrated bonus. Even better, book a drone videography session with us, and get some awesome 4K aerial drone footage that can be used in all kinds of media concepts.

 2. Run a Local Digital Listing Report 📊

Almost everyone knows that local listings like Google My Business are great for SEO.

But not everyone knows of some of the lesser trafficked listing areas like Bing Places, Yellow Pages, and many more. In fact, there are about 75 listing pages that can be leveraged by local businesses (as of February 2020).

We recommend working with us to run a local listing report and see which placements are available for your brand. Then export the list, and get started on creating accounts and pages. Give it a couple weeks, and run both another local listing report, and an SEO report (with backlinks). Then sit back and watch the results come in!

 3. Create a Referral Program 🎁

Promotions like referral programs reward our best customers.

Internal marketing campaigns, like a referral program, can be a great way to retain customers and reduce churn. Make sure to promote your referral program on social media, blog, and email list.

 4. Upgrade Web Hosting Environment 💪

A fast website is a happy website. And not all hosting environments are created equal.

If you’re running WordPress, we recommend WP Engine hosting. Their servers are designed from the ground-up for WordPress, meaning super fast performance, high security, plus complimented by awesome customer service with 24/7 support.

 5 . Spend Extra Time with Reports 💚

Reporting and data collected from marketing campaigns can be very helpful in determining future ideas and iterations.

Spending more time with marketing data means a higher likelihood of catching lightning in a bottle. This means new ideas, more data, and better results. Reporting and analytics are essential to any progressive marketing efforts.

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