New V12 Marketing Dashboard Updates! Version 2.1 LIVE!

V12 Marketing Agency Concord NH

If you’re working in digital marketing, you know how many accounts and logins there are to remember and store.

And at V12 Marketing, it’s our goal to keep things transparent, open, and easy. That’s why we created — a project manager’s centralized place to find all accounts used by their V12 project. Since its inception, we’ve had some major updates, and today, we announce the first stable release of V12 Marketing Client Dashboard Version 2.1.

Now better data, documents, project management, support, and more, is just a click away. You can also always find this link in our top menu navigation, as “Login” — which may also be found in the site footer in the future.

V12 Marketing Updates, Client Dashboard

This way, when you’re traveling, working from home, or just forget what the V12 Marketing Slack URL is — it’s easy to find the solution!

This is a project with many more iterations and updates to be released in the future, such as dynamic links and content, increased chat support (currently functional), and a more robust internal content calendar. If there’s a feature you’d like to see added to the dashboard, please let us know! We value constructive feedback. It’s also rumored that there may be a native Android application in the works.

Not sure if you’ve already signed up for Admin.V12? Just contact us, and we’ll either get you setup, or send you a new login. You can also use the chat on this site!