New Slack Channel Integration – UpTime!

V12 Marketing in Concord NH

Keeping an eye on your website’s status can be a waste of time. 99% of the time it is (or should be) working perfectly, and the time it does go down, you probably won’t notice in a ‘routine check.’ It will be a customer complaint, or a bounced email. Or, a Slack message.

That’s why we integrated our Slack channels with UpTime – a new feature that will alert your project’s Slack channel if your website goes down. As we go into 2019, using Marketing Automation, and clever alerts like UpTime, give us more time to work on what’s important. It also keeps us ahead of the curve, as many web providers, marketing agencies, and developers are NOT using this type of service. Or even if they are, there is absolutely a degree to how useful it is and accessible by the client.

We’ve found Slack to be extremely effective at helping us communicate with our clients, as well as internally. It has also given us a medium to keep tabs on marketing and development related services, such as RavenTools reports.

If your project is already listed in our Slack directory, you don’t need to do anything. UpTime is already working silently in the background for us. If you’re not in Slack, and would like to be, just give us a call, or send us a message here.