5 Creative Ways You Can Use Video Content on Social Media

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Digital marketers all agree that video has been one of the most effective forms of advertising.

Video ads prove an excellent ROI as well–the majority (80%) of video advertisers state their efforts were fruitful in boosting both website traffic and sales conversion rates.

The question is, why isn’t every company investing in creating quality videos then?

Creating video content can be daunting; there are so many components that need to align just right in order to create successful videos.

Companies might not have the necessary tools or enough time, but this is where marketing agencies like V12 Marketing come in handy! In today’s blog post, we’re sharing five creative ways you can use video content for your brand.


Get your Customers Involved 👨‍💻

Ask a few of your best clients for feedback on what they like most about your service or product and create a short video about it, this will allow viewers to see and hear their reaction, which makes it more authentic, valuable, and real.

If a customer shares one of your videos, they’re essentially becoming an ambassador for your company. 


Show Your Creative Side by Being Unique 😎

One of the best parts of video content creation is showcasing your creativity. Videos are a great way to express your brand’s personality. And just like humans, every brand has an individual personality worth representing.

If you’re lighthearted and silly, make videos that reflect this! If you’re serious, make videos showing a professional and cooperative side. But whatever you do, be unique in what you post.


Video Introducing your Brand 🎥

Just writing a long caption about yourself or your brand can be dull for your audience. If you’ve recently grown your followers or have never introduced yourself, make a quick video!

Creating a short clip will show people more of who you are than one single photo could. Use a nice background, put on your best smile and talk about your brands and goals that will make your followers sympathize with you. 


Photo Compilation 📷

Don’t have any video content yet? Collect some of your favorite photos to create a short GIF-style clip! Be sure to mix in some fun background music, flashes of color, and interesting fonts for an even more dynamic look.

And don’t worry if you only have one or two pictures. There are thousands of amazing stock images or video websites (let us know if you would like a blog about stock websites for social media) for all occasions available on the app.


Tutorials 📑

Tutorial videos are one of the most-effective types of video content. They’re a great way to create value for your readers by capitalizing on your industry expertise to teach and transfer some skills.

It’s a perfect way to connect with your audience and let them know how your product and service can be useful to them. Be straightforward, spontaneous, and quick, to elevate engagement. 


Brands may gain benefits from the use of this video in their social media strategy, which can yield quick results and increase brand recognition to new heights in a short time. 

Remember if you need help implementing video content in your networks and how to do it, in V12 Marketing, we provide a first free consultation to help you out.