Happy International Left-Handers’ Day, Ben!

Ben, International Left Handers Day

To celebrate International (Yes, that’s multiple nations) Left-Handers’ Day, we are spotlighting Mr. Ben Rautio, V12 Marketing resident left-hander and expert data-driven strategist.

When it comes to being between a rock and a hard place, Ben is a great guy to have around. Not only is he a seasoned rock climber, he also has a knack for understanding trends in data, reading the tea leaves, and assisting with tough decisions when faced with test results.

Ben, is also one of our remote team members, is stationed out of Salt Lake City, Utah. He works closely with Jake, our Graphics & Video Specialist, also in Salt Lake City. Working with a marketing agency with team members in Utah and New England has its benefits! We are able to keep our support services open longer, and provide in-person consulting on both coasts.

Much of our A/B testing strategy comes from Ben, whether it’s pay-per-click ad copy, landing pages, or new methods of implementation, he’s always coming up with new ways to test, and we are humbled to have him on the team. In fact, he’s been around since day one, assisting with V12 before it was truly V12 Marketing. Thank you, Ben, and Happy Left-Handers’ Day!

Learn more about International Left-Handers’ Day here, https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/lefthanders-day/