FAQ Page is Live!

V12 Marketing Concord NH Marketing Agency


There are many questions that come up during the evaluation phase of working with new clients.

We believe in transparency and freedom of information, so we put together a few common questions and answers to assist users and clients navigate their organization’s marketing. We think this straightforward approach is valuable, especially nowadays with fake news, web charlatans, and rampant scams, it can be tough to find answers and service you can be confident in.

It’s our mission to cut through the noise.

Not only with our clients, but for our clients. Content and advertising budgets are at all-time-highs. The customer is subjected to increasing levels of media and advertising. And they lose interest faster and faster. According to a study by Microsoft, user attention spans have plummeted by 20% since 2000, from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. This sounds alarming, but people are filtering out based on appearance, content, and relevance, something we all do every day.

For the website owner though, that directly correlates to performance in Click-Through-Rates, Time on Site, Pages per Session, and thereby Conversion Rates, Product Sales, Phone Calls, and beyond. But don’t worry, we’re not going to get lost in analysis paralysis right now.

The point here is simple. Produce quality content. Target with purpose. Be transparent and helpful to customers. Test, test, test. These practices will yield better results in the long-term. And we are not in business for the short-term, right?

Check out our new webpage, Frequently Asked Questions for more information. And let us know if you have a question you think should be answered there, and we will be adding more in the meantime. We hope it helps new and existing customers navigate and stay inspired in their projects.