V12 Marketing New Website Feature: Marketing & Web Development Glossary

V12 Marketing - Glossary

At V12 Marketing we are excited to continue to grow and bring new ideas for our website and to keep exclusive material for all our clients and followers. It’s been a busy 2022 for the team, and we want to end the year with a new feature on our website.

We are excited to announce our Marketing Glossary is now live, with over 150 terms in the marketing world! 🌍

A glossary is a group of defined words that people can clearly understand so they know what each term means when it’s used. It also helps ensure we are speaking the same vernacular with clients and other organizations who have an interest in understanding basic marketing concepts.

It will be ongoing work, where we will add terms depending on the evolution of the market. Our team, in the constant acquisition of knowledge, and with the support of our clients and followers, invites you to leave or send us your marketing terms and suggestions so that this Marketing Glossary continues to grow.

A well-constructed, accurate glossary helps ensure that both internally produced deliverables and those from external sources are produced according to consistent definitions and meet future project requirements that we have.

This effort by V12 Marketing represents our and our clients’ ambitions to keep our projects transparent and is a way to show how this transparency can lead to trust and more opportunity. 

We live in a social world. Thanks to social media, audiences everywhere can take a look into the true nature of the brands, leaders, and influencers they follow in a more meaningful way.

That’s why we want to work as a team on this project and create future ideas that we can continue to feature on our website. 

What will you find in this Glossary? 👀

Ever since the advancement in technology, there has been an evolution in terms of marketing strategies, tools, and social media. There are many terms that you might not be familiar with; old classics from decades ago or newer words and phrases coming about due to this new era of marketing. The idea is to explore the terms of marketing both inside and outside the digital world.

As the Marketing world has a deep relationship with webpage Creation, you will also come across many webpage design terms and metric structures of Web Development. 

Also, you will learn about the terms used in Social Media Advertising for different social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Google Ads.

You can always find helpful tips and links in our latest blog posts that you can use for your marketing strategy and efforts.

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