V12 Marketing is SharpSpring Certified!


V12 Marketing is SharpSpring Certified

Are you using email automation yet?

Artificial intelligence, automation, and data mining are still strong investments when considering marketing options.

Easy Getting Started

Unlike many of its competitors, when you sign up with SharpSpring, you can get started right away. Just install the included Javascript snippet on your website, import email lists, connect forms, and your halfway there. Link up social, create email templates, and connect AdWords, and you’ve got quite a bit of valuable data to work with. All that’s left to do is start creating automations, and send that first email blast.

Fast & Smart

Marketing automation suites like SharpSpring deliver unique value not offered by other digital marketing services. Lead scoring, automated triggers, and social listening are tools proprietary to SharpSpring. These powerful elements are constantly running in the background to deliver you better data, and thereby better decisions.

Cost Conscious

SharpSpring is extremely cost-effective. Especially when compared to similar software in the market, SharpSpring can end up being a fraction of the cost of other marketing automation platforms. Granted, much of the heavy lifting is client-side, it makes great technology more accessible and easier to scale.