Mobile Remarketing: More Important Than Ever

Mobile Marketing Important

Are you optimizing and targeting your audiences after they visit?

We all know that mobile user volume has passed desktop for years now, but how much are we doing to leverage this trend? Often, users need to visit a website five or more times before making a purchase. Passive ‘pull’ marketing techniques, such as SEO can get new users to your site, but we can’t just wait for them to visit again. Sometimes, remarketing, also known as, retargeting, can be used to target segmented audiences across the web with highly-specific advertisements, and mobile, the highly-personal, engaged platform it is, can be perfect for capturing those needed visits.

Dynamic remarketing will show users products that they have viewed on your website. This is a well-known and effective way to capture users that abandoned carts as well. There many methods to leverage remarketing in your marketing mix to drive growth, and V12 Marketing can help. And since mobile users are some of those most engaged, targeting them specifically with retargeting ads optimized for their device and interests, can be a great ‘growth hack.’

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