3 Ways To Protect Your Brand Reputation On The Web

V12 Marketing - Reputation Management

What do you typically do before agreeing to buy a company’s services? Of course! – You conduct an online search. Your online reputation has become just as important for your personal brand as anything else.

If you take care of it, then it will also take care of everything else for you and allow for both a healthy business and career to grow from this solid foundation. 


Monitor Your Online Presence 🔍

Use online tools to monitor your online reputation and track what is being said about you online. This will allow you to respond quickly to any negative comments or reviews and address any issues that may arise.

Example: Reputation management tools like Birdeye, Podium, and others can help you monitor reviews and respond more quickly.

Respond To Negative Comments Or Reviews 🖥

 If you receive negative feedback or a negative review online, try to address the issue professionally and calmly. This can help to mitigate any damage to your reputation.

Example: Make sure you have a current Google My Business account and reply to any and all reviews you’ve captured.

Showcase Positive Reviews & Experiences 👍

 You can further develop a positive reputation by creating content to showcase your happiest customers.

Examples include: Sharing positive reviews on social media, creating case studies, and requesting video testimonials.

Bonus Tip ✍

Use Google Alerts. Simply set up the phrase (like your brand name) to track and get an email when it’s newly published somewhere on the web. It is important to protect your online reputation because it can have a significant impact on your business. We should be proactive in managing your brand’s online reputation and taking steps to protect it. Likewise, a positive reputation can help bring in new business and create additional opportunities. As the saying goes, “Your reputation precedes you.

According to research, 94% of people are more likely to buy from a company after reading positive reviews about it online. This means that we need an online presence and reputation in order to survive. With this, we can say that a good reputation is equal to good publicity. What does this mean? When customers are positively affected by our services or products, it will directly impact how they talk about us when communicating with new potential customers.


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