6 Strategies To Boost Your Business On the Web

V12 Marketing 6 Strategies To Boost Your Business Online

As a Top-Rated Local Marketing Agency in Concord, New Hampshire, V12 Marketing understands what it takes to grow a business.

Check out the tips below to boost awareness, engagement, and conversion in your outreach efforts.

1. Build Back-links & Create Content 🏆

There are likely many blogs about your industry and services, but do you know where they are?

By researching informative content channels like blogs, podcasts, and social media groups, you can build strategies to contribute content to like-minded communities. For example, if you’re a retail shop, you may find local blogs or influencers covering your products or services and offer them free samples or trials to review and share with their audiences.

These content pieces and back-links will land on the web and create additional SEO opportunities for your brand.

Make sure to catalog them and reference them in future content releases!

2. Alternative Advertising Outlets 🎣

Digital (and traditional) advertising placements can reach a more specific audience and have cheaper rates.

When many of us think of advertising in August 2020, we think of Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and that’s usually it. But there are many more ad networks and placements beyond those two. Try researching local newspapers and get their pricing, you might be surprised in the deals they offer. It’s also a hyper-local community, and you are building a real business relationship increasing the likelihood of earned-media placements.

Plus, you may be able to get additional placement in articles and letters, reaching even more potential customers!

3. Track Conversions & Traffic Sources 📊

Conversion and goal attribution is a common pain-point for small to medium businesses. Do you know where your last 5 new customers came from?

It can be difficult to track the source of new leads, but it is very much worth the effort. When approaching any new marketing effort, whether it’s an advertisement, or a billboard, or a direct mailer – start with asking how you will know how the piece performed.

Will there be phone calls? Form fills? Web chat? All of these entry points can be tracked and analyzed over time.

Then, you can use this data to make even better business decisions in your next campaign!

4. Automate Project Reporting 🔔

Project management can be tedious if you are not using the right platforms.

But, powerful marketing tools like automated SEO reports like RavenTools and real-time conversion tracking can significantly positively impact your overall marketing performance and efforts. Tracking back-links becomes much easier and insightful when the reports populate for you.

V12 data services can help you create and automate data collection and find creative ways to make better use of it. Instead of scrounging through data and spreadsheets, reports can automatically show up in Slack or email, giving you more time to create content and build your business.

Get started easily by setting up Google Analytics weekly traffic reports sent to your email. Then, build from there!

5. Get Serious About Reviews 👍

Make sure to prioritize requesting reviews from customers and replying to them.

Popular platforms like Google My Business and Yelp can be easy ways to give your customers ways to review your products and services. But, it doesn’t stop there. Make sure to reply to both positive and negative reviews properly, that way other potential customers can see the quality of your customer service, brand personality, and how feedback is valued.

You may also want to try other reviews platforms like Bing Places for Business, but there may be others more related to your brand. For example, UpCity is a popular aggregator and review network for marketing and creative agencies that V12 Marketing uses.

Be prepared with a game plan to respond to reviews and which networks your business will be active on!

6. Schedule Time For Brand Media 📸

Brand photography (and videography) can help show off the best of your brand.

Product and team photography is a great way to keep your content fresh, especially when you have it already planned and scheduled. Try planning quarterly for acquiring new media, whether it’s your team, customer interactions, office/storefront, or products.

This also allows you to test looks and styles. And search engines and social media love new content, it’s a positive feedback loop that can generate big gains over time.

Put a consistent schedule together to capture new photos and videos, then when it comes time to create content, you will be more than stocked up on media!

Ready to roll-out some (or all) of these marketing strategies for your business?

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