5 Awesome Slack Integrations & Use Cases

Slack Tips V12 Marketing Concord NH

Slack is a powerful business tool that can not only boost productivity, but also improve marketing automation and integrations between services. Businesses and organizations of all sizes use Slack to cut down on emails, increase communication, and improve efficiency for teams.

Check out the list below for some Slack integration ideas to get started:

 1. Google Calendar 📅

Get all your calendar invites in Slack without having to visit Google Calendar. Accept, decline, and adjust invitations with Google Calendar for your entire team. Real-time notifications for events can keep your week on track and productive.

 2. Zapier & Social Media (Instagram) 🖇

Slack and Zapier go together like peanut butter and jelly. And Social Media integrations with Instagram can help us keep a pulse on marketing efforts. Get notified every time a new social post goes live on any channel, with corresponding links, copy, and graphics all in a designated Slack channel.

 3. RavenTools 🛠

SEO Reporting can be tedious without automation, but RavenTools SEO Reports makes this easy with Slack. Once templates are set up, you can have reports automatically generated and tagged with the relevant team members to act on reporting data.

 4. WordPress 💻

Conversion tracking is crucial for determining marketing ROI. With WordPress and Slack, we can track leads and events as they populate in real-time. From chat, to forms, to phone calls, and more, the team can be in the loop on activity 24/7.

 5. Google Analytics 📈

Google Analytics is a powerful and free solution for digital marketers looking to gain further insight into their campaign performance. But, not everyone is making use of the automated reporting and alert feature of Google Analytics. You can take this a step further with integrating Slack, cutting out emails altogether, and getting consistent insights.

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