3 Google Ads Reports To Review For Optimal Campaign Performance

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Google Ads are a great source of website traffic. But getting the best results from a Google ads campaign requires ongoing optimization. And properly optimizing campaigns relies on leveraging multiple reports in Google Ads. Three major players in our PPC optimization process are: search query reports, ad performance reports, and demographics reports. These reports show us which campaigns are driving users to the website, engaging, and generating conversions. 

1️⃣ Search Query Reports 

Navigational Search Queries: These are searches to a specific website/webpage. Navigational queries work best when you own the site. For example, a user searches for “V12 Marketing,” it is clear they already know the topic they’re searching for.

Transactional Search Queries: As stated in the name, it’s a search with the intent to buy something. PPC can be a great option to reach users searching with these types of queries. For example, “buy custom t-shirts,” is a user searching for a quote on an order they are interested in placing.

Informational Search Queries: These queries answer questions, and the answer isn’t based on a specific webpage but relevance of information. Normally these broad searches could be for a blog, Youtube video, or Wikipedia. For example, a user searching for “marketing agency” is looking for answers.

2️⃣ Ad Performance Reports

Every company has a unique strategy and their key performance indicators (KPI’s) could be different.

An ad performance report can show an account manager their top performers, and it can also reflect parts of the account that may need to be worked on. For example, headlines and descriptions in ads may perform better or worse depending on their combinations.

Ad performance reports can show your competition’s shortcomings, while also they can show how the competition’s ad may be gaining traction.

3️⃣ Demographics Reports

Demographic reports are valuable because they can paint a better picture of your audience.

Different measurements in demographics consist of: Age range, gender, race & ethnicity, occupation, political affiliation, marital status, homeownership, and many others.
This information can help us tailor ads and ad campaigns toward more specific personas and can refine your budget to be spent in better ways. Almost every successful campaign has some demographic research incorporated.

To stay on the front page and ahead of your competition, your digital ad campaigns should be supported by evidence. Our team can help you create and use these digital advertising reports to make better marketing decisions and generate growth.

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Written by: Ben Rautio, V12 Marketing, Digital Advertising Specialist