3 Awesome Tools for Killer SEO

V12 Marketing SEO Reports and Marketing Tips

Keep Data Fresh and Build Awesome SEO Reports

Using the SEO Tools listed below, we are able to gain significant insights into the performance of any site. Nowadays, a good SEO manager is a good omni-channel manager. Marketing isn’t just about SEO, although it is important. Check out some of the marketing tips and platform recommendations.


RavenTools has a suite of SEO-related services that we recommend you utilize. From ongoing search crawls to WYSIWG style report editors that can be scheduled and sent to Slack, we are a fan! Monitoring back-links becomes a breeze with their service, as well as reviewing PPC reports. By quickly identifying valuable trends we can further optimize campaigns. We’ve run countless campaigns in RavenTools, and can highly recommend it. It’s a clear value.


UpCity is known for their agency aggregation, but they also offer many awesome services to agencies as well. One of those, is an online public listing search. UpCity will identify all the places your business isn’t verified (For example: Google My Business, Bing Places, YellowPages, etc). What most people don’t know is how many of these sites there are. And by being on all of them, we’re guaranteeing our existence to Google. Since V12 Marketing is a Certified Member of UpCity, we can run these reports for you for free!


SEMrush is another fantastic suite of various web-related services. From SEO to PPC, Social Media, Content and more, SEMrush has a solution. One differentiation here is SEMrush’s Competitive Intelligence Add-on. All kinds of data are available through their market explorer. But again, we are taking a bunch of data from a variety of services and looking to make sense of it. SEMrush offers a clear value, and as we recommend, it’s ideal to have multiple SEO crawlers active. SEO is an ongoing crawl, but with the right technicals and content stream, it works wonders.

Bonus Tip!

V12 Marketing Data Dashboard is another great solution for a business of any size to better understand their web traffic. This applies to organic search engine traffic, as well as any other channel driving users to a website, like paid advertising, referral links, social media, or any other source. Plus, right now, if you request a free consultation from V12 Marketing, you can also receive a FREE 30-day trial of our V12 Marketing Data Dashboard, with unlimited data connectors. This means you can add your website traffic, Google My Business, social media, and tons of other useful data sources to better understand and act on it. Just use the link below to book a call with our team!

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