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Drive views and engagement

If you’re running a business or working on a marketing team, it’s likely you’re always searching for ways to drive quality views and traffic whenever possible. And each digital marketing channel has its own set of standards, trends, and engagement. For example, we know that users targeted in email marketing tend to have the highest levels engagement. Organic search, tends to have the highest bounce rates. So where can you drive better results? Well, how about in other channels?

Push Notifications Digital Marketing

Enter Push Notifications

It feels like a micro-drip campaigns in another medium. A (potentially) brand new dimension of customer engagement, we need to think differently about content, and our goals, and be mindful about their impacts. Push notifications can be leveraged for different reasons, and can be incorporated into promotions, campaigns, and more. Many clients of ours have asked about using chatbots on their website and in social media, but push notifications is not as popular (yet).

As users are increasingly interested in mobile and personalized experiences, push notifications meet these needs, and create an opportunity for improved customer service and user experience. is an interesting tool to deliver this. Boasting a 14% Click-Thru-Rate, highly recommended by Neil Patel, and a free service makes for a great case. While the free service certainly feels limited, it’s a service that can be grown over time, until those paid options become necessary. And by then, it will have likely paid for itself and then some.

It’s easily installed on WordPress, Joomla, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify or any website platform. There are integrations available for Google Tag Manager.

The paid features are worth considering. Rich notifications, audience segmentation, scheduling, and more, create for a pretty powerful package. But even basic notifications can be useful, and you’re showing your users you’re working to deliver information in a variety of methods, giving them options.

Going Forward

All-in-all the service,, and the push notification medium/channel are winners in our books. For a free service, you get considerable functionality and ease of use. Just approach with caution. Do you have time to manage this new channel? Are you able to deliver it effectively? Is it right for your business? If yes, then by all means, jump in.

V12 Marketing uses for our own site, so make sure to click “Allow Notifications” when loading the browser on desktop or mobile if you’re interested. You’ll get to see firsthand our use and in the future, further reporting on our experience. Let us know if you have any questions while using it.

Ready to give real-time push notifications a try in your digital marketing campaigns? Give us a call, or contact us, and we’ll set you up with a FREE consultation!