NH Businesses Get a FREE Concord Sentinel Article

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Are you a business in New Hampshire?

Then you can get a free article covering your business by the Concord Sentinel, a local news blog outlet.

In these uncertain times, it can be more difficult to market and advertise either because of the need to decrease budgets, or because users are not as engaged or spending. Another difficulty many businesses face is communicating changes in their business, and need to avoid appearing as opportunistic.

Instead, by investing in Search Engine Optimization (long term growth), we can avoid the hard immediate sell, and work on audience creation. You can visit the Concord Sentinel’s free article promotion web-page here.

As an exclusive private blog network, V12 Marketing can help organizations leverage the Concord Sentinel for the creation, distribution, and optimization of content. This is a great opportunity to boost SEO results and reach a hyper-local and engaged audience.

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