4 Tips To Keep The Spark In Your Blog For 2022

With a new year upon us, it’s important to reevaluate.

This is the first suggestion we’d make. Ask yourself what went well and what was wasted time and effort. This isn’t a moment to criticize yourself. Remember mistakes are only mistakes if you make them twice.

Is this still your passion? This may be a hard question to answer, for some the answer could be an enthusiastic “YES!!” While others may have to face a reality they were avoiding. If the answer is no, we encourage you to view that as an opportunity, go out there and find your passion! If the answer is yes, well stick around because we got some tips for you.

Quantity is just as important as the quality, your blog should have consistently scheduled releases. Inconsistencies leave your readers feeling always on a cliffhanger and eventually, the lack of attention leaves to a lack in an audience. It’s not enough to give greatness.

Relevance is our next tip, are you keeping up? If your niche is holiday decor, and you’re using information from 2018, are you relevant? Find up-to-date information, experiment, and if you’re saying to yourself “there is no relevant information!” “All of my research comes from “X” years ago,” Go out there and make up-to-date information! There are no rules saying you can’t.

Ask your audience! If you’re setting the dining room for a special holiday/event, throw up a picture, allow for the feedback!  This doesn’t mean you’re doubting your incredible skills, you’re allowing the community you built to have a conversation, which makes them feel VALUED. The title shouldn’t be “how could this be better?” it should sound something like “Tell me how you would make this personal to YOU?” or “What would you add to this if you could only add one thing?” It sparks conversation without diminishing your hard work.

If you’re wondering how do I post a blog where I’m just asking for feedback? Great question and this is our last tip for blogging in 2022! Your blog should run WITH social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, Snapchat, TikTok, as many platforms as you can keep up with, (remember quantity) you should be active on.

Okay so to recap! Your blogs should run on a consistent schedule where the quantity is just as high as the quality. Be relevant, and don be afraid to go there to find the answers! Build a conversation with your blog through social media, if you’re new to social media start with one platform and build from there. Lastly, but most importantly have passion for what your share with the world. When you love it the audience can feel that and they’ll buy into it. Happy Blogging and Happy New Year!

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Written by: Olivia Miller