3 SEO Tips to Build Backlinks

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So you want to rank higher on Google and beyond? Well, building and managing backlinks is an important signal in SEO ranking and growth.

Often, the most looked over part of SEO, backlinks, can yield big results.

A backlink is when a website links to another website. There are internal and external backlinks. Here’s an example of an external backlink, and here’s an internal backlink.

And depending on the site’s credibility, history, and more, will effect its value to Search Engines looking to rank results. So keep in mind, backlinks come in many shapes and forms. You may have heard of and used various strategies like blog networking and local publications, but there’s always more that can be done.

Check out these 3 Tips to Build Backlinks and Improve SEO:

1. Use Google’s Display Network

This is an effective way to find website and placements that you may want to appear. By targeting and searching by user behavior, we are able to get a solid list of potential placements. The higher quality the traffic, the better.

We simply then visit those sites for contact info and send out personal but templatized requests for Content and SEO Marketing opportunities. And by agreeing, the content publisher, they are gaining a link, and a potential collaboration. Done right, it’s win-win.

2. Research Local Publishing Networks

Joining local networks such as the Chamber of Commerce, or gaining traction on aggregate sites like Thumbtack, or Amazon, can yield positive effects in Backlinks and Search Engine Optimization.

By providing a strong signal of a URL, such as that with a .org or .gov domain extension, (which Google and all SE’s rank as a higher authority) — we are gaining a strong association on the web.

3. Mean Serious Business About Social Media

Social media can be done in all sorts of ways. But statistics show that higher content throughput by organizations correlates to higher traffic. But quality is key here. As is using upcoming platforms and being willing to test and try new things. High quality content such as Live video or Podcasts come with a steeper sticker and time cost, but the payoff is just as significant.

Also: Get a Backlink Manager. If you’re not familiar, this is an ongoing table of existing backlinks and related data. It often shows volume, clicks, domain strength, and more. V12 Marketing usually recommends using the Google Search Console AKA Google Webmaster Tools in addition to a more robust solution like RavenTools and others.

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