3 Digital Marketing Tips SEO Report Automation

Digital Marketing Tips SEO Strategies

1. Don’t JUST focus on SEO traffic to drive SEO traffic

And over the years, a number of tools have been developed to get your website to rank higher in Google search. 

But often, SEO Strategies get “boxed-in” to just measuring SEO using these tools. V12 Marketing recommends webmasters and website owners look at website traffic holistically, or across all channels. Don’t just focus on Google Organic Search Traffic. But also other search engines, such as Bing and Yahoo, as well as Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest — and more. Referral Traffic is also really important here.

This approach, or a “rising tide lifts all ships” — will yield the best results. To analyze and test, use Google Analytics, or personally our favorite, Matomo Analytics. Look at bounce rates, conversion rates, engagements and conversions over different sequences of time. Statistics are valuable for brainstorming and making decisions on web-based content strategies. But also trust your gut. Sometimes we just know what is best for our brands.

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Web Traffic from Content Marketing and SEO Campaigns

2. Each piece of content is a place in the funnel for someone.

When you think about it like this, you realize their is definite value long-term for content development. And all of the digital links across websites and activity that will relate to each other. We recommend RavenTools SEO Research Reports for Local Keyword Research. SEO and Channel Traffic Reporting Automation can unlock new ways to connect with your audience and drive growth.

V12 Marketing clients get to enjoy significantly discounted rates for premium tools such as RavenTools and their Automated SEO Reports. Check out V12’s RavenTools Review to learn more about the suite of features.

3. Leverage Marketing Automation as often as possible.

Integrations with popular tools such as Slack, and Trello can be that rising tide — both of which we use here extensively. Automated SEO and traffic reports can be designed and scheduled to populate in front of a group for discussion, as well as marked completed as needed. Integrations such as these, also known as Marketing Automation – can be leveraged in all kinds of powerful ways to boost efficiency, cut costs, and drive growth.

You can get more Digital Marketing Tips from V12 Marketing by visiting the V12 Marketing blog, filled with insights from our experience providing digital marketing and web development solutions for businesses. There is even more information on Local SEO keyword research, as well as internationally.

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