7 Ways To Improve Your Google Ads

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Google Ads is the search engine giant’s online advertising platform where you can promote your business using text, images, and videos. It has several advantages over other types of advertising.

For example, it allows you to reach millions of users quickly and easily, it has a very low cost-per-click, and it provides detailed data about your ads performance, which you can use to make future ad campaigns more effective and efficient.


1) Get Competitive with Current Ads ⚡

Start by looking at your competitor’s ads and figuring out how you can get better than them. Look at their copy, the images they are using, and what the offer is, then think of a way you can create a more compelling offer or use more eye-catching images.

One technique that can really help is retargeting: you advertise specifically to people who have visited your site in the past, so they’ll remember who you are when they come back looking for that thing they were researching before.

2) Tailor your campaign name to the business 💼

Running ads on Google is a great way to expand your reach and provide potential customers with more information about your business. It’s also very affordable as the cost per click is often less than a penny.

As with any marketing campaign, it’s important that you customize your ads for the best performance possible. You can do this by tailoring your campaign name, target audience, and bidding strategy for optimal results.

3) Use Negative Keywords ✍

One important way to improve your Google ads performance is by using negative keywords. This will help you avoid wasting time and money on ads that might not interest your target audience, resulting in a more efficient marketing campaign.

4) Set Reasonable Bids 🎯

If you’re not bidding enough for your keywords on Google Ads, you’re leaving money on the table. Here are a few quick tips for setting reasonable bids for your keywords:

1. Review your ad copy and use words that are relevant to the keyword in question.
2. Consider how much traffic you want from this search term, and then increase or decrease the bid based on how much competition there is from other advertisers bidding on that keyword.

5) Ad Copy Testing 📄

Google Adwords ads are designed to help you find the right customers. In order to do this, your ad copy needs to be specific and targeted, which means that you need a good ad copy testing plan in place.

Here are some ideas for how you can use ad copy testing in your strategy:

1. Start by targeting a specific geographic area or vertical market with your ads and monitor the results.
2. Test different headline copy and descriptions for each ad group.

6) Review Reporting Schedule & Frequency 📆

Google provides you with a detailed breakdown of your account’s performance, which can be accessed through the Reports tab in the AdWords interface. There are four different reports that you can take a look at, and depending on the report, it might be useful for different purposes.

For example, if you want to know what keywords are working well for your campaign and how they’re performing over time, then the Keywords report might be just what you need.

7) Remarketing Lists for Search 🔍

RLSA is a way of targeting ads based on what someone has searched for in the past. You can create a list of search terms that are relevant to your business, and any time someone searches for one of those terms, they will be targeted with an ad from you.


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