New V12 Marketing Client Dashboard is Live!

V12 Marketing Dashboard Live



Drive growth and unlock insights with the new V12 Marketing client dashboard!

Digital marketing and advertising are well-known for their abilities to gather large amounts of data. From Google Analytics, to CRM platforms like Hubspot, to all the channels of social media, and more, there’s always data pouring in. But how can we effectively manage all this new data, all the time?

It’s nearly impossible without a tool to aggregate all of it. In the past, we’ve used a few solutions to manage this. From custom spreadsheets with automations to popular tools like Raventools, there are many ways to accomplish this. But even then, data gets silo-ed in those platforms. That’s exactly why we’ve rolled out our latest feature for clients, the V12 Marketing Dashboard. Now, we can collect data from almost any source, and automate the data to display in a modern, cross-device friendly, service.

You can visit the dashboard here:, or clients can also access it through

This service is still in beta, but it’s now accessible to V12 Marketing clients of any size. We’re running a promotion right now, which grants access to the platform for free until February 1, 2020. After that, it’ll just be a $30 per month service to add on with unlimited data connections.

The V12 Marketing team is excited to bring this high quality service for such competitive rates to our clients. Plus, it hooks right up with many of the other tools we use, such as Slack and Trello. Reports can be automated to trigger notifications in Slack, which then can be acted on, depending on the circumstance. For example, tracking SEO metrics such as Backlinks becomes much more interesting as we are able to respond to changes in real-time, as opposed to a month or longer later.

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